🎨 In addition to the new game mode, you can also decorate the Heroes Room. Each Hero has its own interior. Upon completing the Room collection, you will receive a reward 🎁.

🌿 There are two types of Room decorations:

Ordinary Interior: The regular Room interior is set using Tickets 🎟. Once all items are placed, you receive a reward 🎁 for it!

VIP Interior:  The interior of the VIP room is decorated with coins. Upon installing all VIP items, you will receive a reward 🎁. Additionally, if you have built a Room 🛋 solely with these items, you will receive a reward ⚡️🎁 for both a regular Room and a VIP one. The collected VIP Room will be highlighted with a golden frame, and you will also participate separately in the VIP Room ranking 🏆.