🤴 Be the true Monarch in the Battle Royale!

Progress through a series of levels without losing 👣, collect Crowns 👑, and climb the rankings.

🏆 In the Battle Royale event, there are two rankings:

⚡️ Ranking for the highest number of Crowns (complete 7 levels without losing to earn a well-deserved Crown!).

⚡️ Ranking for the longest unbeaten winning streak.

At the end of the event, the Top 3 🏆 positions in each ranking will receive rewards 🎁.

Additionally, in your Profile, you will see the maximum number of Crowns 👑 you have collected and the longest unbeaten streak 🥇 for this event.

✨ Best of luck in the game, Your Majesty! 🤴