You opened the game and found yourself rolled back to the 1st level?

✨First of all, no need to worry☺️After you perform the basic troubleshooting, you'll get your level back quickly.

Most probably, you logged out of your Facebook / Apple profile. Please, open the Profile👤and log in:

1️⃣Click on Avatar;

2️⃣Your game Profile will open;

3️⃣Blue F button will be displayed under the Avatar;

4️⃣Tap on it and log in.


❗️If it doesn't help❗️

Press the text button in the upper-right corner   

💬Text us the following:

🟢were you connected to Facebook /Apple ID before?

🟢what was your level? A number of coins? Nickname?

🟢what exactly happened before you lost your progress? Did you change your device? Did you create another Facebook account?

After that, you can relax and let us do the rest🌱